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Recommended Live Streaming Quality


Choosing live stream output quality is important in order to ensure the best viewer experience. In this article, we will provide some guidelines for you to choose the most suitable quality for your live stream.


Recommended live stream quality

To make it easy for you to get started, we have created some preset qualities that are available for you when creating a new live stream.



  • Mobile Quality - 240P, 300Kbps
  • Normal Quality - 360P, 500Kbps
  • High Quality - 480P, 1600Kbps
  • HD Quality - 720P, 3000Kbps or 1080P, 6000Kbps


  • Select audio quality based on the selected video quality
  • As a general guideline, higher video quality should go together with higher audio quality

Please keep in mind that we allow multiple qualities in your live stream. You can refer to our advised qualities or manually add more qualities if necessary. Alternatively, you can choose the 2 streams or 3 streams options from our quality presets. Having more qualities in your stream usually means that you can serve a wider range of viewers (different devices and internet qualities...).

*Important: If your stream has 'x' qualities, you will need to set up your encoder to push exactly 'x' qualities to match with your stream settings.

*Special note for user on dedicated server

Our dedicated server is capable of server-side transcoding. Hence, you will only need to push the highest quality instead of having to push multiple qualities. This will not only save your network bandwidth but also simplify your encoder settings. Please see for details about our dedicated server.


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