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[Outdated] How to Live Stream Using Teradek VidiU/VidiU Pro

Please note this guide is currently outdated due to recent UI updates within the StreamShark portal.



StreamShark's Live Streaming Event platform is compatible with the Teradek VidiU/VidiU Pro.

This integration is available to customers on our Biz and higher plans, when used with our dedicated servers.

Let's outline the steps required to get you streaming your live event with the Teradek VidiU family of streaming products and StreamShark.

Teradek VidiU Streaming Encoders

The Teradek VidiU and VidiU Pro bring your camera, video switcher live online for everyone to see. The VidiU is perfect for novices and is Teradek's most affordable web streaming appliance. VidiU Pro offers on-board recording and ShareLink streaming.

Using Teradek VidiU/VidiU Pro with StreamShark

StreamShark's Live Streaming Event platform has a new workflow that allows faster configuration of a VidiU/VidiU Pro and ease in management of several units at a site.


Step 1: Setup your StreamShark Streaming Event

1.1. Sign into your StreamShark account, go to Streaming Event and set up your Streaming Event as usual and make sure you use the dedicated server (How to Use a Dedicated Live Streaming Server). As an example, we’ve created an event called ‘Streaming With StreamShark and Teradek VidiU’.

1.2. Note the Event Name displayed in the General Settings section of the Streaming Event Overview. For this event, the Event Name is 'streaming-teradek-vidiu'.

Step 2: Add your VidiU Hardware Encoder

2.1. Go to 'Dedicated Resource' in the side menu, click on the 'Hardware Encoders' menu option and in the Manage Hardware Encoders screen, click 'Add New'.


2.2. Fill in the details for your VidiU hardware encoder (VidiU or VidiU Mini/Pro) in the'General Settings' section of the 'Add New Hardware Encoder' screen.

2.3. Give an indicative name such as the product name plus the location it is streaming from in the 'Name' field. For example, '2A-StreamShark-Meeting-Room'. Make sure there are no spaces in the Name.

2.4. Select your event (noted in Step 2.2) from the 'Event' drop-down list. In this example, the event's name is ‘streaming-teradek-vidiu’.

2.5. Select 'VidiU (Standard/Mini/Pro)' from the 'Hardware Encoder Type' drop-down list and click 'Save'.

2.6. Select the desired settings for 'Video Quality', 'Audio Quality', 'Frame Rate' and 'Adaptive Bitrate' .

2.7. In the table shown, enter the prefer 'Video Bitrate' and 'Audio Bitrate' and then click 'Save'.

Step 3: Setup your VidiU

3.1. Connect your VidiU to your network (Ethernet is more reliable vs. Wifi) and your camera.

3.2. Check the firmware is up-to-date. If required, update the firmware.

3.3. Note down the IP Address for your VidiU Pro. 

3.4. Enter the IP Address in your browser to access the VidiU Web UI (Accessing The Web User Interface (Web UI) Of The VidiU From A Computer).



Step 4: Remote XML Configuration of your VidiU/VidiU Pro

4.1. Go back to the StreamShark portal. On the Dedicated Resources -> Hardware Encoders page, the newly created encoder should be visible. The functions of the various enabled buttons you can see in the row for the encoder are described below:

- Under the Event column, the 'Dot' () next to the streaming event name shows the encoder’s status. It’s Red when the encoder is not streaming and turns Green when the encoder is streaming

- Under the Link column, the 'Link' button () opens the XML file which has to be loaded onto the encoder.

- Under the Refresh column, the 'Refresh' button () generates a new URL for the XML file, which is helpful for security purposes. However, the XML file with the new URL will have to be re-loaded onto the encoder.

Note: The buttons in the Actions column are disabled for the VidiU/VidiU Pro as these do not apply to the Teradek VidiU family of streaming appliances.



4.2 Right-click on the link button () and select 'Copy Link Address'. Alternatively, Click on the link button, open the XML file and copy the XML file URL.


4.3 Load the XML file to the encoder by pasting the URL in the 'Remote XML Configuration URL' field under  Settings > Broadcast > Platform. Next, click on 'Load FMLE Settings'.



4.4 An FMLE Settings pop-up window will appear. You will notice that the Stream Settings are updated with the settings you entered within StreamShark. 

Note - Further integration for the remaining settings will be made available shortly.

4.5 Click on 'Use Settings' followed by the 'Apply' button (top-right corner). You will receive confirmation message 'Your settings were applied'.


Step 5: Start Streaming with StreamShark and VidiU/VidiU Pro

5.1. Click on the 'Stream Now' button. It'll turn from static Green colour to a Flashing Red and Status will change from 'Ready' to 'Live'.

5.2. Refresh your Manage Hardware Encoders screen and you will see the 'Dot' for your Event is now Green.

5.3. Preview your live stream.

- Go to the event 'Streaming With StreamShark and Teradek VidiU' under Streaming Event and use the Source Switcher to preview the 'MAIN' Source.

Note: If the Source Switcher is set to PRE, you can still Preview the MAIN source. Your audience receives the Live content only when the Source is set to MAIN.


- Alternatively, you can use the 'Preview Page' link given in the event 'Overview' to view the live stream in your browser.

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