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How to Live Stream Using Videon Encoders


StreamShark is compatible with Videon Central's H.264 encoder line, which includes three models - Greylock HD H.264 Encoder/Decoder, Sonora HD H.264 Encoder/Decoder and Shavano 4K H.264 HEVC Encoder/Decoder (coming soon).

Let's outline the steps required to get you streaming your live stream with Videon encoding products and StreamShark.

Videon Encoders

Videon develops products for audio/video applications in the Global AV, Aviation and Automotive industries.

- Greylock HD H.264 Encoder/Decoder

Greylock offers reliable streaming at an affordable price. Greylock supports RTMP streaming as well as unicast and multicast, with HDMI, SDI, and resolutions up to 1080p60. For more details on Greylock, click on the image below.


- Sonora HD H.264 Encoder

Sonora is Videon customers' favorite encoder for live streaming an HDMI source. It has the same great feature set as Greylock, but without SDI input.

Using Videon Greylock with StreamShark

Note: While Greylock has been used in this example, the integration steps provided below are similar for Sonora.

Step 1. Setup your StreamShark Live Stream

Note: The Greylock can only encode a single stream, so ensure you only select one stream quality when creating a new stream.

Sign into your StreamShark account, go to Live Streaming and set up your Live Stream as usual. As an example, we’ve created an event called ‘Live Streaming with Videon Central Greylock’.


Step 2. Access the Streaming Dashboard for the Videon Greylock

Launch the Videon Discovery application. It'll scan your network and detect your Videon Encoder. Double-click on the device in the Videon Discovery application or use its IP address to launch the Videon Web UI which shows you the Streaming Dashboard for the Greylock. Check that you are on the 'Encoder Control' screen.


Step 3. Configure the Encoder Settings for your Greylock Encoder

Click on the 'Configure' button for 'Encoder Settings'. Enter the video encoding and audio encoding settings to match the settings for your StreamShark Live Stream and click 'OK'. Your settings will be saved and applied.


Step 4. Configure the Output Settings for your Greylock Encoder

1. Click on the 'Configure' button for 'Output Settings'. Within the 'RTMP' tab, select StreamShark as the RTMP destination.


2. Enter the 'API Username' and 'Secret Key'. Click on 'Get Stream List'. The 'Stream List' will appear showing all the live streams you have within StreamShark. Select the live stream,‘Live Streaming with Videon Central Greylock’ that we created for this example.


3. The 'RTMP output' toggle will automatically slide 'ON'. Click 'OK'. Your settings will be saved and applied.


Step 5. Check your Greylock is Streaming

The 'Streaming' column now displays a green 'Tick' icon, confirming the Greylock is streaming.


Step 6. Preview your StreamShark Live Stream

In the 'Manage Live Streams', get the preview 'URL' for your live stream,‘Live Streaming with Videon Central Greylock’ and preview your stream.




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