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Thanks for signing up to MetaCDN. We provide global cloud-based content delivery, website acceleration, video encoding and streaming services. Whether you need basic content delivery or sophisticated media encoding and streaming, we have you covered. This page is intended to get you started deploying your websites, live streams, content and media on our global content delivery network, MetaCDN. You can have your content loaded on our network within minutes of signing up, and your customers will immediately benefit. Let's get started!

Logging in for the first time

When you signed up, you used your email address and a password. You would have received a confirmation email to the same address after the signup was completed to activate your account. Logging in is simple - just go to and click on the Log In link on the top right hand corner. At this point you will be redirected to our secure domain, Select the login method that you used to sign up with MetaCDN.  If you used Google, Yahoo or AOL (legacy customers only), a pop-up window will open prompting you for your login details for your email provider. Your Google/Yahoo or AOL password is never shared with MetaCDN - this is simply used to authenticate your identity to MetaCDN. Enter your login details and click Sign In.

Getting Started with MetaCDN

Over your first 14 days you will receive a number of Getting Started email guides to help you understand all aspects of MetaCDN and to get the most out of your account. They are also available via the web for your reference:

  1. Accelerating your first website (Accelerator Plans)
  2. Accelerating your first content (file) (All Plans)
  3. Understanding your usage (All Plans)
  4. Setting up notifications (All Plans)
  5. Using the API (All Plans)
  6. Activating your account (All Plans)

What next?

More advanced users may wish to access the MetaCDN service via our Web Service API. Using our REST API, you can access all the features of MetaCDN programmatically, and tightly integrate MetaCDN into your content creation workflow. If you encounter any difficulties using the MetaCDN service, or have any questions then lodge a ticket at or email us at support AT

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