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How to Broadcast Your First Live Stream with StreamShark

Video Walkthrough


The StreamShark Live Streaming service is optimised to share your next big event in real time to a global audience. Configuring your live stream is super easy - just follow these very simple steps.

Log in to the StreamShark portal

Log into the StreamShark portal at You will be taken to the dashboard.

1. Click 'live streaming'

2. Click add new button.

General Settings

Now specify the following information about the stream you are about to broadcast:

  1. Stream name: Identifies your live stream (e.g. my-stream). We'll use it to create live streaming URLs that you can share.
  2. Title: Sets the stream title and we'll use it in the preview page and also as metadata when embedding your video onto third party websites such as Facebook.
  3. Description: Sets the stream description. This'll provide the viewer more information about the stream.
  4. Password: Allows only authorised users to publish a live stream via streaming software such as FMLE or Wirecast to this stream.
  5. Custom Slash Image: This is the image which is displayed before the play button is pressed.
  6. Player Template: Select your desired video player template. These allow you to change the colors and branding on the video player.
  7. Stream Inactive Message: This message is displayed when your stream isn't broadcasting.

Stream Settings

This section allows you to specify your desired stream qualities.

  1. Preconfigured stream qualities: If you're not sure what qualities to use, we recommend you choose from one of our preconfigured qualities.
  2. Video: In this section you can customize the qualities of each stream, and add/remove qualities.
  3. Audio: We recommend that streams broadcast audio in the AAC format.

Whenever you modify any of these settings, the minimum upload speed required will update. If your internet is unable to upload at this speed you will have issues broadcasting.

Mobile HLS Stream

  1. Keyframe Interval: Defines the time interval, in seconds, between keyPrefix frames in the encoded media. If unsure, leave as the default.
  2. Segment Size: Determines the size of the segments that will be generated for the event. If unsure, leave as the default.


Click save and go!

Once you have confirmed your settings, hit the save button. Your Live Streaming channel will be prepared for publishing, which can take up to 40 minutes.

Start your live event with your publishing software or hardware

StreamShark has validated it's live streaming solution with Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) and Telestream Wirecast. Detailed instructions for both of these platforms can be found on our support portal. You can also publish to StreamShark from hardware encoders such as Teradek and miniCaster, among other solutions.

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