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Video Player Embed Restriction

Embed restriction allows you to restrict the playback of your video/live stream to a certain website URL.

Please be aware that referer based secure access will NOT provide 100% secure access, any people with enough knowledge can tamper the referer header thus bypass the security validation.

Embeds can use a full URL, or a keyword which must be present within the referer url.

How do I enable the embed restrictions?

Live Streaming

  1. Browse to the live stream you want to add embed restrictions to. Click advanced.
  2. Enter a URL or keyword you want to restrict the live stream embed to.

Video on Demand

  1. Browse to the video on demand you want to add embed restrictions to. Click profile.
  2. Enter a URL or keyword you want to restrict the video embed to.

Please be aware that if you have a profile set for the video, it will be removed if you add google analytics this way. If you want to keep the profile association, add google analytics through the profiles section.



You can use this approach to implement basic video security by adding your website's domain as the white listed referer. 


  • Referer based security is not an entirely secure method.
  • This approach only guards the embed endpoint, if people figure out your streaming code, they can still create their own flash player to access the stream.
  • This approach won't guard the HLS endpoint, so again if people figure out the HLS link, they will still be able to consume the streaming from mobile devices.
  • If you have enabled Referer based secure streaming, your live streaming preview page will not be able to be accessed unless you add "" as your white listed referer.
  • If you don't turn on the Referer feature on, your live streaming will still be able to accessed on any webpage. 
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