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Using the Drupal CDN plugin with MetaCDN

Step 1: Download and install plugin

When you are logged into your Drupal website as administrator, click on Modules.


Click on Install new module


Install the Drupal CDN Module directly via Install from URL or upload it.


Step 2: Configure the Drupal CDN plugin

Scroll to the end of the modules page, and click on Configure for the CDN module (listed under PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY)


Under the General tab, set the Status to Enabled and select Save Settings


Under the Details tab, enter your accelerated domain (e.g. **** in the CDN mapping text box, then click on Save configuration.


Alternatively, you can choose to be more selective about the assets that are accelerated. In the example below, we are only accelerating assets with certain file extensions.


That's it. Now your Drupal-based website is being accelerated by the MetaCDN Site Accelerator!

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