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SSL support for MetaCDN Site Accelerator

SSL support for MetaCDN Site Accelerator

Lite/Pro plans

Shared SSL support
 is available on all current plans with both Large and Small site types, this means that SSL is supported via your MetaCDN accelerated URL. So, if your site name is mysite, then assets can be securely downloaded via your secure URL,

Support for custom SSL certificates (e.g. for custom CNAMEs such as is something we are working hard on - it is very challenging to get right due to our multi-cdn setup, and the differing capabilities of our underlying providers. We understand how critical SSL is to businesses and it's a very high priority for us.


To turn on shared SSL for an existing site:

1) Wait until your site is in ACCELERATING status

Once the site is ready:

1) Open your Site Accelerator management page by navigating to Manage->Websites from the masthead.

2) Click on the grey triangle to the right of the site accelerator you wish to enable SSL for.  This will cause the site accelerator details window to become visible.

3) Click on the blue edit button on the bottom right.

4) Select 'Enabled' for shared SSL within the edit popup, then click 'save'.



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