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Accelerating your first website with MetaCDN


MetaCDN offers a Site Acceleration service that can turbo-charge your entire website with just a few clicks. And better yet, it's totally free during your 14 day trial. Configuring your website for acceleration is super easy - just follow these very simple steps.

Log in to the MetaCDN portal


Log into the MetaCDN portal at You will be taken to the dashboard, which gives you an at-a-glance view of all of your important account activity. On the top right-hand side, hover over the green Accelerate button and click on the button labelled Website.

Tell us where your website is

Simply tell us your website origin domain (e.g. Leave out any additional information such as protocol (e.g. http://) or path (e.g. /index.html) or port (e.g. :1234). In CDN terminology, we refer to your website as the origin - we automatically pull your content from your site and store (cache) it across the globe where and when it is needed, taking the stress off your website and ensuring your customers get blazingly fast load speeds every time they visit your website. Give your site a short name (which we will use to create an accelerated url such as and a description.


Confirm your settings and go!

Once you have confirmed your settings, hit the Accelerate button. Your website will be prepared for acceleration, which can take up to 2 hours. Once complete, we will email you an accelerated URL to use throughout your website. 


Integrate your accelerated URL into your site

Once the two step acceleration process is complete, you might be wondering what to do next. There are still additional steps to take before your website is using MetaCDN's high performance Content Delivery Network (CDN). These steps depend on how your website is currently hosted, and what (if any) content management system (CMS) is used for your website.


MetaCDN supports a number of drop-in plugins that work with with Content Management Systems (CMS). We have detailed integration guides for:


We also have detailed integration guides for eCommerce platforms such as:

making integration a snap. Alternatively, modules for web servers such as Apache are also available to get you up and running quickly. You can find all of our detailed integration guides as well as all other documentation on the website accelerator here.


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