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Why didn't I receive the confirmation email?

An email with a confirmation link is sent to you after signing up to MetaCDN for verification purpose, to confirm that your email address is valid. MetaCDN follows all best practice techniques for email verification and delivery to maximise the probability that this email is quickly delivered to you and is not mistaken for spam.

However, in a very small number of cases, this email may be delayed in arriving or may not be delivered at all. Here are some steps you can follow to make sure you receive this email so that your account cam be verified:

  • Double check the email address you entered in is correct.
  • Add to your address book
  • Check your Spam folder to see if the confirmation email has been filtered or marked as spam.
  • If you are a Google or Google Apps user, check your Promotions email tab to make sure it has not been caterogised as a marketing email.
  • If your email is under a firewall (such as a corporate email), check with your system administrator see if the emails coming from MetaCDN are blocked.

If you are still having trouble to receive the confirmation email, navigate to the login page and enter your the login credentials you used when signing up and click on the blue Login button. You will be able to request for the activation email to be resent. 

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