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Why can't my mobile phone number be verified?

To reduce spam and improve service quality, we have introduced mobile phone verification in the sign up workflow. However, in some cases you may encounter different issues that stops you from submitting your mobile number or receiving a SMS. Here are a few things you can check in case you are having trouble with your mobile phone verification:

  • "Phone number does not match your current region" ?

Your phone number's location must match the IP address country where you submit your signup form, if you are physically located in Australia, then don't use a mobile number of New Zealand. Also check if you are sitting behind a proxy or VPN, which will resolve your location to the proxy/VPN's country.

  • "This number is already register to another account"

Did you create an account with us before using the same phone number? If that 's the case, simply use the same email/password, you will be able to redirect to our portal activation page.             

  • "Not receive SMS"

There are some service providers in certain countries cannot receive the SMS or have a significant delay in receiving the message. This is something out of control of us, but in the event of not receiving SMS, please contact us through, our support team can help you set up an account manually.

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