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Managing notifications for your account


At MetaCDN we want to let you know what's happening on your account. Change your settings so you get notified about the events that are important to you.

Log in to the MetaCDN portal

Log into the MetaCDN portal at From the menu at the top of the page click Inbox.


You have new messages

Your inbox contains messages we send you when something happens that we think you might be interested in. For example, when your monthly spend goes above your configured budget, or some content is about to expire and be deleted from our network. Too busy to log in to check your MetaCDN inbox? Read on...


Get notified by email

You probably want to get MetaCDN messages via email, but don't want us to spam you about every little thing. Click My Account from the menu at the top of the page, then click the Notification Settings link in the top right hand corner.

The page has a table of settings for each message type - you can disable/enable different message types, and opt to have the messages delivered to your MetaCDN inbox, via email or both. Enable the Usage message type and set a budget if you want to know when your MetaCDN spend goes near or over a certain amount.


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