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Activating your MetaCDN account

Activating your MetaCDN account

Once your 7 day free trial of MetaCDN comes to an end, you can activate your trial account. This will ensure you and your customers have uninterrupted access to all MetaCDN services such as website, live stream, content and media acceleration. All you need is a credit card and your account can be activated in seconds.


We trust that you have enjoyed your 7-day free trial, and benefiting from full access to all MetaCDN features. To ensure continued access to all services for you and your customers, you must activate your account, by selecting a monthly or yearly plan and entering your billing details (billing address and credit card information). You can do this easily via the MetaCDN portal.

Activating your account

Activating your account is easy. Simply log into your MetaCDN account to start the process. Once logged in, click on the green Activate Now button to begin the activation process.


Choose one or more plans

MetaCDN offers monthly (month to month) or yearly pre-paid plans for our Website Acceleration and Live Streaming services. Each plan includes a generous service and credit allocation that allows you to get maximum benefit from your account. You can add a plan for either or both of these services that best suit your needs. 


Enter your billing details

Enter your billing address (the address where you receive statements for your credit card) and your credit card number, expiry date and security code and you are good to go. Click on the Purchase plan and activate account green button and you are done. The activation process may take a few moments so please be patient while it completes.


If your account activation was successful, you should be able to see a confirmation screen like this:


If you have any issues activating your account, do not hesitate to contact MetaCDN support for assistance.

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