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Tracking your account usage


At MetaCDN we want to help you understand your usage, so there is never any surprises when you get your bill. We give you insight into your usage, breaking it down by service and region, so you can understand where your demand is coming from, and when it is occurring.

Log in to the MetaCDN portal

Log into the MetaCDN portal at From the menu at the top of the page click Usage.

Get the cost breakdown

At the top of the page there is a summary of the total credit usage for the month - as each plan comes with an allocated usage credit. On the side there are green boxes outlining your current quota usage of any subscription services you currently have associated with your account. Under that is a table listing the usage volume for each service. For services charged at different rates for different regions you can click the expander to view the usage on a per-region basis. The usage types are as follows:

  • Download: volume of downloads of your content from our content delivery network. The download region is the region on our network from which the content was downloaded from. For example, a download from a user in France would come from a node in Europe, so you would be charged usage at the Europe rate.
  • Storage: content storage on our network, charged on a gigabyte-month basis. For example, a 2 GB file stored on our network for half a month would incur 1 GB of storage usage. 
  • Encoding: encoding of audio and video files, based on the size of the original and encoded files. For example, a 1 GB file encoded into high (0.5 GB), medium (0.35 GB) and low (0.15 GB) qualities would incur 2 GB of encoding usage.
  • Requests: requests for download of your content from our network, measured on a per-request basis. For example, a file of any size downloaded one million times would incur $1 of data requests usage.


See usage trends

The lower half of the page contains a chart which can be toggled between the different usage types to show usage for each day within the selected date range. You can view historical data for downloads, uploads, encodes and requests. Hovering your mouse pointer over the bars in the chart will display usage figures for that date. For download usage, the information is further broken down by region, giving you a greater understanding of where your consumption is coming from.


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