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Deploying Audio Content

What is Audio Content?

In the StreamShark system, audio content means an input file that contains an audio stream. StreamShark encodes, replicates and streams your audio content, taking the hassle out of sharing high quality audio content on the web. It does this by seamlessly encoding your audio to all popular formats and presentation layers:

  • Audio - MP3, OGG.
  • Presentation - Flash, HTML5, Native/Custom (e.g. iPhone/iPad, Internet TV, etc).
  • Syndication - MediaRSS

In this document we will talk you through the different audio encoding and delivery options available to you, giving you an understanding of when each format or presentation mode is the most appropriate.

What are my deployment options?

StreamShark can transcode your audio content in a variety of different formats (containers and codecs), at a variety of different quality levels. We do this so your content can reach as many people as possible by ensuring your content plays back and sounds great on all devices, platforms and connection qualities. In the table below, all possible output formats and quality levels are listed, as well as common targets for those output combinations.


Container Video Codec Audio Codec Client Player Target Low Quality Medium Quality High Quality
MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (.mp3) N/A MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III

Flash, HTML5

Chrome 4.0 +
Safari 4.0+
Safari Mobile
Internet Explorer 9.0+ (PC)

Audio: 96k Audio: 128k Audio: 160k
Ogg (.ogg) N/A Vorbis HTML5

Chrome 5.0 +
Firefox 3.6 + (PC)

Audio: 96k Audio: 128k
Audio: 160k

What are the best output options for me?

The containers and formats you select depend on the characteristics of the customers you are targeting. Some example scenarios are listed below:

  • "I want to target up to date browsers with the latest flash version installed, for high quality playback": Choose MP3
  • "I want to make sure mobile users such as iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets have a great experience." Choose MP3

If you are unsure, a safe option is to select MP3 and OGG as output options which provides broad coverage, catering for modern browsers, older browsers and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android Phones and tablets. If you want further advice on formats, please reach out to StreamShark support by filing a ticket or emailing support.

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