MetaCDN - StreamShark

HTTP rendering for media streaming (HTTP Override)

This setting only effects video on demand.

When creating a media player template you have the option of selecting "Use HTTP for media streaming". By default StreamShark delivers streaming video using the RTMP protocol, which has the following advantages over HTTP:

  • Users are able to seek to any point in the video - particularly advantageous for long videos because the viewer doesn't have to wait for the file to load before jumping ahead (as is the case for HTTP-delivered video).
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming is used to dynamically select the video quality best suited to the user's connection speed, so the user gets the best quality available without having to wait for video to download.

However users sometimes have problems accessing content delivered using RTMP, as many corporate network firewalls block non-HTTP traffic. If you believe this may be an issue for users accessing your content, we recommend you select the "Use HTTP for media streaming" option.

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