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Creating an Audio Player

By default, our embed code will use a video player that includes a video canvas as well as a control bar. For users with audio content, sometimes they prefer a compact audio player without the top video canvas. Here is how this can be achieved by combining a customised template with audio.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a new template, and select property "Control Bar Auto Hide" => "No", and select property "Allow Fullscreen" => "No" 
  2. Associate this template with the audio that you 
  3. Use the Embed code on your page with a height of "26", you can set the width according to your need.

Please be aware that the height of the player is currently fixed, as if you change the height to some other value, the player will not properly displayed. We may add the feature later on to allow user to flexibly specify the height of the player.


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