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How to Use the File Bucket


The file bucket allows you to use 3rd party tools to bulk upload large volumes of video files. 


Enable File Bucket

1) Log into the StreamShark portal.

2) Click 'video on demand' from the side menu, then click 'manage videos'.

3) Click 'add new'.

4) Select the 'file bucket' tab down the bottom of the screen.

5) Click 'enable file bucket' as seen below.

It may take a few minutes for the file bucket to deploy.


Your File Bucket Credentials

First you will need to generate a new key. This is done by clicking the 'generate key' button.

 Once your key has been generated you will be presented with the following:

1) 'Bucket' name is the server URL used in your management tool of choice.

2) 'Access' key is the username.

3) 'Secret key' is the password. Please note that we don't store this key, and if you forget it you will need to click 'refresh key' to generate a new secret key AND access key


Selecting a File

Once you've uploaded video to the file bucket you will be able to see it from the 'select file' section.

Simply check the box next to the videos you want to use for your video on demand deployment.


Manage Files With CyberDuck

Cyberduck is available on Windows and Mac OS.

1) Click "Open Connection"
2) Choose S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) from the drop down list.
3) Specify the server to be your bucket name, and append "" e.g. "".
4) Copy & paste in your access key and secret key, and then click connect.

 (Click image to enlarge)

Once you have uploaded a file, you will need to change the ACL (Access control list) to allow read access by everyone.

1) Right click on the file(s) and click info.

2) Select the permissions tab, then click the cog down the bottom, and click 'everyone'.

3) Then select the 'read' permission next to 'everyone'.


Manage Files With S3Fox

S3Fox is an add-on for Firefox which means it is basically available for all operating systems. 

1) Click on the top-left button "Manage Accounts"
2) Copy & paste in your access key and secret key in, and give the account a name, save it.
3) In your right panel, copy your file bucket name in. You need to make sure there is a slash at the front of the name.



When uploading files using s3Fox, if you want others (including our encoders) to be able to read the file, you need to update the ACL permissions for the uploaded file to allow reads.  

To do this, right click on the uploaded file and select 'Edit ACL' from the menu.  Make sure the leftmost box is ticked next to 'Everyone' (click on the cross to change).  This allows others to read the file.

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