MetaCDN - StreamShark

Region Specific Publishing Point RTMP URLs

When using the default publishing point (rtmp://, StreamShark directs you to the closest location. However, this is not always perfect.

If you wish, you can manually select the best publishing point by replacing the provided RTMP URL with the RTMP address closest to your current location.

Our network offers the following publishing points:

Region RTMP Url - Publishing points
North America - Ashburn rtmp://
North America - Los Angeles rtmp://
Europe - Amsterdam rtmp://
Australia - Sydney rtmp://
Europe - Frankfurt rtmp://
Asia - Hong Kong rtmp://
Europe - Stockholm rtmp://

Remember, if you are trying multiple different publish points to decide which performs best for you, remember to disconnect cleanly from each server and wait at least 10 minutes before republishing to a different publish point.

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