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How to Watch Live Streaming 360º Video Hosted by StreamShark

Overview has a flexible web based 360 live and on-demand video player that enables a “Responsive VR” experience no matter what device you are watching - a VR headset is optional! 

There are various ways (or modes) right now to play back live 360 content:

Desktop - 360 Panning with mouse movement

The most straight forward way to play back live 360 content is via a standard browser on a Desktop. StreamShark hosted 360 live streams can be played back on modern browsers such as Chrome (recommended) and Firefox (PC/Mac), and Microsoft Edge (PC). Safari is not supported. Simply open a StreamShark hosted page or embedded player, and you can pan around in 360 degrees with your mouse by clicking and dragging across the player canvas. 

iOS Mobile App - Shark 360

You can download StreamShark's 360º video player (Shark 360) for free from the app store, or going to this link.

To use the app simply copy past the StreamShark URL, or scan the QR code.

Android Device - 360 Panning with gyroscope/sensor movement

If you have a modern Android device with the latest version of Chrome, you can watch live 360 content in the browser. The view of a 360 video is changed by dragging a finger across the screen or by physically navigating (moving) with the device. The StreamShark web player also supports Google Cardboard mode, which can be triggered by clicking on the Cardboard/HMD icon in the top right of screen.

When prompted you can place your device in your Google Cardboard.

The view will now be split screen inside the Google Cardboard holder.

You can also fine tune the view by selecting the model of Google Cardboard 

Unfortunately iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) are not supported for live 360 playback at this time via the browser, due to limitations of Safari in iOS. We hope Apple addresses these shortcomings soon.


GearVR - Samsung Internet for Gear VR

The Samsung Internet for GearVR browser has experimental WebVR support. To enable WebVR, install Samsung Internet for GearVR browser via Oculus Home, then visit the internet://webvr-enable URL in the Samsung Internet for GearVR browser (visit internet://webvr-disable to disable WebVR support). 

To watch a StreamShark hosted 360 live stream, open the StreamShark player URL in the Samsung Internet Browser, then place your compatible Samsung phone in your GearVR. The Samsung Internet for GearVR app will load - click play and click (by gazing and tapping on the touchpad) on the Cardboard/HMD icon in the top right of screen, which will put you in fullscreen VR mode.

GearVR - SamsungVR (formerly MilkVR)

Instructions coming soon.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Native WebVR support will be hitting mainstream browsers (Chrome, Firefox) later this year, enabling easy access to compelling VR experiences with seamless integration of HMD's such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Until then, you need a special WebVR enabled build of Chromium (recommended), or the Nightly version of Firefox (51+) to 'cast' VR/360 content to a HMD.

Go to for more info on downloading a compatible browser, enabling WebVR, and using your HMD with your browser. If you are using an Oculus Rift, don't forget to enable “Unknown Sources” from the Oculus Settings. 

Once you are all set up, it's simply a matter of opening a StreamShark URL or embed in the browser. The StreamShark web player also supports VR casting mode, which can be triggered by clicking on the Cardboard/HMD icon in the top right of screen. Once clicked, put on your HMD and start enjoying the 360 video content.





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