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How to 360 Degree Live Stream with the Teradek Sphere


The Teredek Sphere is a 360º monitoring and streaming solution for 4-camera VR rigs (or 8-camera with two chained Sphere's). It offers integrated power for GoPro rigs and stereo analogue input for pro audio right off your soundboard.

The Teradek Sphere is also unique in that it does not require an expensive desktop PC to stitch footage into a 360º format. Instead, the stitching engine is iOS based, requiring an iPad Pro, and offers real-time compositing of up to 8 1080p camera feeds, allowing flexibility for mobility and camera placement with out the overhead of a heavy PC.

Using the Teradek Sphere with

360 degree streaming is available for customers on our Biz and higher plans, when used with our dedicated servers. Follow the below steps to do your first 360º live stream with the Teradek Sphere.

Step 1: Create a 360 Degree Player Template

1. Click on 'Customization' from the left hand menu, then select 'Player Templates' from the drop down.

2. Click 'Add New' from the top of the screen.


3. Enter a name for your template.

4. Enable the '360 Degree Player' option.

5. Click the 'Create' button down the bottom of the page.


Step 2: Create a New Streaming Event

1. Click on the Streaming Event button on the left hand menu in the StreamShark portal

2. Click on Add New to create a new Streaming Event. 


Step 3: Add Your Event Details

1. Add an event name, title and description.

2. Make sure to select your 360 degree player template.

3. On the 'Main-Event Settings', choose 'Dedicated Server Source' from the drop down.

4. Click 'Save' to continue.

On the Post-Event/Pre-Event Settings, you can optionally choose a media source (such as an Image) to show as a place holder after your event goes live. We recommend leaving these blank if you're just getting started.

Step 4: Take Note Of The Important Details For the Teradek Sphere

1. Click on the event you just created.

2. Make a note of the 'RTMP Main' field (Number 1 in the screenshot below) which will be the Sphere's Custom RTMP output setting 'URL' and 'Stream'.

3. Note the Username and Password (Number 2 in the screenshot below) which will be used in the Sphere's user and password authentication fields.

4. Using the URL (Number 3 in the screenshot below) will allow us to view the 360 degree stream once we begin publishing.


Step 5: Copy The Above Details Into the Teradek Sphere iOS application

Open the Teradek Sphere iOS application and select your rig.

Tap on Manage Destinations

Tap on Custom RTMP


Enter the RTMP details from the event we already created and tap Done.

Now you can click the blue 'Start Live Stream' to start streaming to You can start watching the 360 stream on the Preview or Embed page listed in the Event section of our UI.

Once you are done with your stream, you can click the blue 'Stop Live Stream' button.



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