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How to Create a Live Streaming Event

This guide will show you how to create a new live streaming event, and how to verify a signal is being successfully received.

The video below demonstrates how to use StreamShark's live streaming workflow.

Create A New Event

  1. Click the streaming events button on the left hand menu in the StreamShark portal.
  2. Select Streaming Events from the side menu.Screenshot_2018-08-08_10.17.22.png
  3. Click the Add New button in the Manage Events page.manage_events.png


Add Your Event Details

  1. Under General Settings select your event type. Standard events allow public and protected live streaming, and restreaming to other platforms. Restreaming allows only restreaming to other platforms e.g. YouTube, Facebook etc.
  2. Fill in your event title and description. You can change the stream URL if you wish. This cannot be changed after the event is created.
  3. The player template lets you customize colors and branding of the video player.Screenshot_2018-04-18_10.27.25.png
  4. Advanced settings can be left as default or auto.advanced_settings.png
  5. Under ingest settings, you can change the video source between manual and a managed encoder. Changing to managed will utilize StreamShark’s encoder management platform (if enabled for your account).manual_source.png
  6. Under workflow settings you can optionally choose a media source (such as an Image) to show as a placeholder before or after your event goes live.workflow_settings.png


Broadcast Your Stream

  1. Click on the event name of the event you created.select_event.png
  2. Primary Server URL and Stream Name (Number 1 in the screenshot below) is the RTMP URL you will be broadcasting to from your encoder.
  3. The RTMP Username and Password (Number 2 in the screenshot below) are used in the authentication fields for the encoder you're using.publishing_urls.png


Verify Your Stream Is Being Broadcast

  1. Click the workflow tab in your live event to open the workflow switcher. If you're not currently broadcasting a live stream to the event, you will see the 'No Signal' notification.Screenshot_2018-04-18_10.37.03.png
  2. Under the workflow tab, ensure that your Main Event is selected and live.Screenshot_2018-04-18_11.20.41.png
  3. A valid stream will display a green dot next to the active source.

Share Your Stream With Your Audience

Click on the Overview tab in your live event to view the Player and Embed Codes. You can share the "Embed Link" directly with viewers or use the "Embed code" to embed the video player into your website.


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