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How to Restream to Social Platforms

This guide will show you how to create a new live streaming event, and how to verify a signal is being successfully received.

The video below demonstrates how to use StreamShark's restreaming feature.

Create A New Event

  1. Click the streaming events button on the left hand menu in the StreamShark portal.
  2. Select Streaming Events from the side menu.Screenshot_2018-08-08_10.17.22.png
  3. Click the Add New button in the Manage Events page.manage_events.png


Add Your Event Details

  1. Under General Settings select your event type. Standard events allow public and protected live streaming, and restreaming to other platforms. Restreaming allows only restreaming to other platforms e.g. YouTube, Facebook etc.
  2. Fill in your event title and description. These will be used for the metadata (title and description) of each of your restreams.restreaming-only.png
  3. Under ingest settings, you can change the video source between manual and a managed encoder (Number 1 in the screenshot below). Changing to managed will utilize StreamShark’s encoder management platform (if enabled for your account).
  4. Enabling 'Archiving' (Number 2 in the screenshot below), will allow you to generate an archive of the source stream.
  5. Enabling 'Live Chat' (Number 3 in the screenshot below), will allow you to pull in that chat feeds from the social platforms you restream to.restreaming-settings.png


Broadcast Your Stream

  1. Click on the event name of the event you created.select_event.png
  2. Primary Server URL and Stream Name (Number 1 in the screenshot below) is the RTMP URL you will be broadcasting to from your encoder.
  3. The RTMP Username and Password (Number 2 in the screenshot below) are used in the authentication fields for the encoder you're using.restreaming-broadcast.png


Verify Your Stream Is Being Broadcast

  1. Click the workflow tab in your live event to open the workflow switcher. If you're not currently broadcasting a live stream to the event, you will see the 'No Signal' notification.workflow-restreaming.png
  2. A valid stream will display a green dot next to the active source.workflow-restreaming-2.png

Add Your Restream Destinations

  1. Once you have verified that StreamShark is successfully receiving your video signal, click the 'Restreaming' tab in the top bar.
  2. Click 'add new' and select a destination you wish to restream to. Please note, you can restream to multiple destinations and social platforms at the same time.
  3. Follow the prompts to grant access to the social platform of your choice.
  4. Select the check box next to the platform you wish to setup (Number 1 in the screenshot below), then click the 'Setup Restream' button (Number 2 in the screenshot below). Please note, you can setup multiple restreams at the same time, but only if they're on the same social platform e.g. Facebook.restream-page-setup.png
  5. Fill out the details on the 'Setup Restream' step.
  6. Once your restreams are all correctly setup, it's now time to go live!

Going Live

  1. Verify that each of your restream destinations is ready to go live (Number 1 in the screenshot below).
  2. Preview that the video signal is being rendered correctly on each of the platforms (Number 2 in the screenshot below).
  3. Select the restreams you wish to go live on (Number 3 in the screenshot below).
  4. Click the 'Go Live' button! (Number 4 in the screenshot below).
  5. Now that you're live you can watch the streams on each of the platforms. We provide a direct link to these under the 'Platform Link' column (Number 5 in the screenshot below).restreaming-go-live.png

Ending The Restream(s)

  1. To end the restream(s), follow the same process as above, except this time click the 'End Stream' button.restream-end.png
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