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How to Live Stream Using Epiphan Pearl and Pearl-2 [Manual Setup]

This guide will show you how to manually setup the Epiphan Pearl and Pearl-2 and push your contribution feed to StreamShark. You might also find it helpful to download the user guides for your Pearl/Pearl-2 from the Epiphan website.

Note: If you have access to StreamShark Encoder Management, please refer to the guide here.


1. Create a new StreamShark event and obtain your publish urls

The first step is to create a new Event in StreamShark (see step-by-step instructions, here). Once your event has been created, navigate to Overview and you'll see the publish urls. Keep this window open so you can copy-paste these details into the Pearl/Pearl-2 later on.



2. Connect to the Admin panel of your Pearl/Pearl-2

Next, connect to the Admin panel of your Pearl/Pearl-2. We are using the Pearl-2 in this example.



3. Create a new Channel on your Pearl/Pearl-2

Click on 'Add channel' and setup your event by entering your channel name and selecting your video and audio sources for your default layout. If the overall system load is high, remove some of the old channels. Click 'Add new item' and select your video source. In this example, we've set the channel name as 'How to use StreamShark with Pearl and Pearl-2' and selected the SDI4K-A video source. Resize the source display as desired and click 'Save'. You will see the channel is now added to the side menu.

The Pearl and Pearl-2 offer a lot of flexibility in designing layouts using multiple sources. To add another layout, simply click 'Add new Layout', select your sources and resize the source display as desired.



4. Setup Streaming with RTMP push for your channel

In the side menu, navigate to the the 'Streaming' option for the channel and click 'New stream'.StreamShark_-_Pearl_2_-_Stream_Setup.png

From the drop-down, select the 'RTMP push' option.



5. Enter your StreamShark urls and authentication credentials

Copy the settings from the 'Publishing Urls' section for your Event and paste into the corresponding fields for the Pearl. Click 'Apply' and then click 'Start'. This starts pushing your contribution feed from your Epiphan Pearl/Pearl-2 to your StreamShark Event.

Note: We recommend not adding multiple streams. If you add multiple streams, ensure only one stream is pushing to your StreamShark Event.



6. Manage your StreamShark Event Workflow

Navigate to the 'Workflow' tab for your Event, You can now see your feed appearing for the Main channel. If the pre/post settings are disabled. the Main channel is always Live. If you are using the Pre and Post settings, then the Event is Live only when you switch from Pre to Main Event.



7. Stopping your Encoder

Don't forget to stop your encoder one your event is over. Navigate back to the Pearl page and click on the 'Stop' button. Stopping your encoder will mean you avoid filling up the DVR buffer as well as avoid unnecessary load on the servers linked to your StreamShark account.



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