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How to Live Stream Using AWS Elemental Live

This guide will show you how to manually setup an AWS Elemental Live encoder and push your contribution feed to StreamShark.

Create a new StreamShark event and obtain your publish urls

The first step is to create a new Event in StreamShark (see step-by-step instructions, here). Once your event has been created, navigate to Overview and you'll see the publish urls. Keep this window open so you can copy-paste these details onto the Elemental later on.

Create a new event on the Elemental

Next you'll need to create a new event on the elemental.


During the Elemental event setup stage, follow the steps below

1) Enter a unique name for the new event.

2) Select the video input you wish to use. In our instance we're using the SDI1 input.


3) In the 'Output Groups' select the 'Adobe RTMP' tab.

4) Under 'Adobe RTMP Settings' and 'CDN' select 'Wowza' from the drop down.


5) Add a new stream output.

6) Grab the 'Server URL' from your event in the StreamShark portal, then copy paste it into the 'RTMP Endpoint' field in the elemental event.

7) Click the lock icon to display the Username and Password fields. Copy across these details from your event in the StreamShark portal.

8) From the StreamShark portal, copy across the 'Stream Name' field into the Elemental event.



9) Enter the video resolution of your stream.

10) Click the 'advanced' text.


11) Set the framerate to '30'.

12) Set your desired bitrate. For 720p we recommend 3,000.

13) Set the rate control mode to 'CBR'.

14) Set the GOP Size to '60'.

15) Set the profile to 'Main'.


16)  Click the 'Audio 1' tab.

17) Set your desired bitrate. We recommend 12.0 kbit/s

18) Set your audio sample rate to 44.1 kHz.


Set your Elemental event to go live


Click the 'Start' button to initiate your live stream.Group_19.png

Manage your StreamShark Event Workflow

Navigate to the 'Workflow' tab for your Event, You can now see your video signal appearing for the Main channel. If the pre/post settings are disabled. the Main channel is always Live. If you are using the Pre and Post settings, then the Event is Live only when you switch from Pre to Main Event.



When your event has concluded stop your encoder

Don't forget to stop your encoder one your event is over. Navigate back to the Elemental Event and click on the 'Stop' button.




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